Sunday, February 05, 2012

Stupid Holidays

Today I was thinking about holidays. There are some pretty cool ones, like April Fools. It's great, a day dedicated to pulling pranks and setting traps for your unknowing family! Christmas, who doesn't love Christmas? National Donut Day, good excuse for donuts, amiright amiright? National Buffet day, need I say more? Easter, again, who doesn't love easter? Martin Luther King Jr. Day, not only do we get to celebrate the life of one great guy, we miss school! There is a ton of great holidays, However, there is one in particular that I think is the stupidest, most dumb, retarded, gayest holiday in the history of holidayness.
Valentines day.
In elementary school, that was all fun 'cause you got candy for no reason in particular. Now, it is just a dumb thing that causes stupid, idiotic Middle School drama that people, like me, have to deal with. It SUCKS. For instance, my very close friend just "dumped" a guy. Now, we have to deal with peoples' babyhollerin' cause that was "TOTALLY uncalled for," and now everything is awkward between the rest of my friends and the guy she "dumped," and he's all depressed cause now he doesn't 'have a valentine" (<- cause for upcoming ranting) All of this mainly cause of a stupid holiday! Valentine's is soooooo pointless. All it does is cause problems.
Another thing that causes problems is that at Dixon, they do a thing where you can buy a flower for a person and send it to them. That's all fun and stuff, but there's always that one girl who gets like 2 dozen flowers from a crapload of different guys. That one girl always makes the other girls who got nothing feel like crap, causing further, unnecessary drama. Bleh. :P
Like I said, the whole "Valentine" thing is another biggie thing that I hate. I hate it when people say, "Are you guys valentines?" um.. What the devil does that even MEAN?? My friend's all like, "Yeah, we're valentines." what? I don't get it. Yay, you're valentines! what?
Ew. And I also hate nasty little naked cherubs. They're gross.
Ugh. All in all, a stupid holiday. And, all in all, a pretty stupid post. ^ but I don't care. I hate valentine's day.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

More boredom...

So yes. I am still sitting here bored. So I will continue talking about stuff that has happened.
Normally on Christmas Eve, the Francis family has a humungous Christmas party. It is usually held at my Grandma's house, and the whole fam-damily comes over and we eat a TON of food and do white elephant and other huluballo.
This year, since all of my kinsfolk are getting older and what not, we rescheduled to AFTER Christmas so more people could be able to come.
And thus started Francis Festivus Fiasco.
Instead of going to my Grandma's house we went up to the cabin. Now, Francii together are CRAZY. Put them at the cabin, and woah baby. You better watch out!
So, we get there bright and early to start the Festivus shenanigans. Throughout the day, you play in the mud, snow and ice and eat to your heart's content. :) Then, the white elephant started.
You see, a while back, a whole heard of Francii went to Wyoming to cut down christmas trees. While we were there, we visited my uncle's house. He wasn't there, so, logically, (and with his wife's permission) we took a ton of his crap to gift for the white elephant. We were all stoked to see his reaction when a ton of his stuff was unwrapped. It was gonna be awesome. Right? Wrong.
He didn't show up.
So, we were all stuck with a ton of my uncle's stuff. Yaaaay.
After the white elephant hubbub, one thing led to another and the next thing ya know, we were going feats of strength. It all started with a pyramid...

...And then it collapsed...

Which all led to wrestling. That led to leg wrestling which, obviously, began the arm wrestling. One person most likely said "You're strong!" somewhere in there, which meant that everyone must start pushup contests. When that wasn't enough, we did vertical pushups. (HOLY CRAP THOSE ARE HARD) Thus began other miscellaneous feats of strength. Then, somehow, we started jump roping. Don't ask. Nobody know how that happened for sure.
People went away with black eyes, messed up shoulders, bruises, hurt knees, hoarse voices, fatigued bodies and other forms of injury. You may call it stupidness, but most of us thought of it as 48 hours of the best Christmas/Festivus party EVER.


Right now I'm sitting home alone. Bored. With nothing to do. So here I am. [Don't blame me if anything in this post is completely random and doesn't make any sense. okay? Okay.]
So since I haven't posted anything since Christmasish, I thought I'd do a follow up on that~
Okay, i have to say, this last Christmas was like, the best thing EVER. Seriously, hyperventilating, crying, yelling, and other indescribable actions that I did in my excitement. What is this cause of complete weirdoness? one might ask. One word-
You got that right! I got my freaking DREAM mandolin! It is the most amazing thing since bread came sliced! It is everything I wanted- F-style, blonde, AMAZING, easy to play, awesome, beautiful, fantastic, and... WOW! :D (for those of you who don't know what the crap I am talking about, well, deal with it. It was great) So yes. All in all, the best christmas present ever. :)
The following are pictures of me freaking out

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Halloween hullaballoo

So, for Halloween this year, I dressed up as a Viking. It was AWESOME. I had this huge metal viking helmet, a bunch of leather and a bunch of fur. It pretty much ROCKED. :D At school, though, the whole viking getup was kind of a pain in the rear end. My leather skirt kept on wanting to show more leg than necessary, and the metal helmet got REALLY heavy, really fast. In addition to that, i got a ton of random people I didn't know knocking on my head, whispering, "Is this real...?" But I did get to wear slippers. And leg warmers. So that was good. Also, I got elected as the best costume out of my homeroom class, which sent me to the.. championships (i guess you could call them that.) Then, the next day, they were announcing the winners over the intercom, and I won the best overall costume. Ohhh yeah! So, the stupid leather skirt and the heavy helmet paid off in the end. Except the prize was kinda crummy. But hey. I got bragging rights, right?

Saturday, October 08, 2011


I decided I might as well give an update on a few things that I've been doing with my life lately. So here goes.
I am in a little youth bluegrass band. We have fiddles, banjo, bass, guitar, and I play the mandolin. Its pretty dang fun. Over the summer we got to go do gigs all over the place in utah. We went to This Is the Place state park a bunch, Fillmore, the Veterans Hospital in Salt Lake, schools, city shindigs, and a bunch of places like that. It's a blast.

You can check us out at

I'm Back!!

Holy crap! I almost totally forgot about this whole blog stuff.. My friend Jenny was talking to me about how I haven't done it in what.. 3 years? So I said hey. What the heck. I'll start to do it again, I mean, why not?? :) I am not completely sure what I'll do with it yet, but I'll figure out something... So yup. Over and out!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Slacker Girl is Back from da Dead!!

gosh, i havent really noticed ive put the blog off for this long! slacking, school, friends, and slacking are my exuse. (lame, eh'?) now it is time for... UPDATE!!

hill airforce base...


school starts...

and other crap, but i gotta do bigger and better stuff @ da moment.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Works of Art

Behold, the great and fantastic caution tape. Made for pure entertainment and pleasure.

The great things it can be used for,

And how it can be reused for revenge.